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          SINE Electric reminds you that: Before you use the services of SINE Electric website Platform, be sure to prudently read and carefully understand this Statement. If you have any doubt about this Statement, you may consult the customer service personnel of SINE Electric website Platform. If you do not agree to this Statement or any contents of this Statement after you read it, you’d better stop registration immediately. If you use the services of SINE Electric website Platform in any way, you will be deemed to have accepted all contents of this Statement.


          136edf壹定发電氣官網平台︰指包括136edf壹定发電氣官網(域名為 sinee.cn)等網站及客戶端。


          SINE Electric website Platform: refers to sinee.cn and it's clients.

          SINE Electric: refers to operators of SINE Electric website Platform, Shenzhen SINEE electric Co.,Ltd.

          權利聲明(Statement on Rights)

          權利歸屬(Ownership of Rights)



          Unless otherwise stated by SINE Electric, all rights (including but without limitation to copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and any other related rights) in, of, and to all products, technology, software, programs, data and other information (including but without limitation to words, images, pictures, photos, audios, videos, charts, colors, layout and electronic file) within SINE Electric website Platform are vested in SINE Electric or its affiliated companies. Without the consent of SINE Electric, no one is permitted to use the said information (including but without limitation to monitor, copy, transmit, display, mirror, upload and download any content on SINE Electric via web robots, web spiders and other software or equipment).

          Logo, “SINEE”, and other words, graphics and combination of words and graphics as well as other logos, marks, product names and service names within SINE Electric Platform are all trademarks of  SINE Electric and its affiliated companies in China and other countries. Without written authorization of  SINE Electric, no one may display, use or otherwise dispose of any of the said trademarks in any way. Furthermore, even if any party is entitled to display, use or otherwise dispose of any of the said trademarks, the party may not disclose its right to any other person.

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